Edelweiss Chocolates has been a Beverly Hills tradition since 1942.

As one of the oldest confectionaries in America that still process its chocolates by hand, Edelweiss has enjoyed a unique history in one of the world’s most famed zip codes. Edelweiss (Candy Round-up at the time) started producing its handmade chocolates at its current Beverly Hills factory during the Golden Age of Hollywood and became an instant hit with Hollywood royalty. From Frank Sinatra (whose favorite chocolates were the Maple Creams) to Nancy Reagan, Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn (who wrote in her autobiography, “Me,” about the Dark Chocolate Turtles).

Candy Round-up was selling american classic chocolates e.g. marshmallows, candies, chocolate turtles, english toffee and butter creams.

Candy Round-Up became Edelweiss Candy Kitchen in the 70's.

Truffles, Marzipan and fruits were added to the chocolate collection.

Over the years, both Hollywood and Edelweiss have grown as the love affair between the two continues stronger every year. A famous director once said that “You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you receive so many chocolates from Edelweiss that they note your favorites in their rolodex.”

Today, you can find Edelweiss Chocolates in the dressing rooms of the biggest stars, offices of the most acclaimed producers and directors, and boardrooms of the largest companies in America. Even though we cater to the Hollywood elite and corporate executives, Edelweiss is known for giving the same attention to every customer.