Chocolate Gift Boxes

Chocolate Gift Boxes

Why Choose Edelweiss for Premium Chocolate Gift Boxes:

Edelweiss thinks their clients deserve the best with regard to their chocolates. This fact is easily noticed in the quality and taste of tins and chocolate gift boxes which leave the Edelweiss sweets shoppe. Spend a bit more and give a present which will really create a long lasting impression by providing an Edelweiss handmade gift of chocolate to someone very special.

Autumn selections are available on the Edelweiss website just in time for the Fall. You’ll love giving original Edelweiss Fall sweets like their Miniature Milk Chocolate Turkeys that are individually wrapped in colorful foil, or their Large Milk Chocolate Pumpkins. Return to your earliest memories of fall with a Fall Harvest Selection Mix comprised of chewy and rich pumpkins, lemon corn cobs, maple walnuts, giant corn mix, and foil-wrapped specialty chocolates.

Edelweiss Chocolates is one of the oldest traditions in Beverly Hills’ chocolate making history, and one that the area claims as a prized possession. A Hollywood director once put it like this: You know you’ve made it big in Hollywood when Edelweiss notes your favorite chocolates in their rolodex. Stars including Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Frank Sinatra have found their chocolate pleasure in the taste of Edelweiss.

Feel free to browse the unique collection of Edelweiss chocolate gift boxes from their ‘Collections’ inventory or create a custom box of your own favorites. There’s a lot to choose from, including Chocolate Turtles, Toffee Assortments, Salted Caramels dipped in Chocolate, Mini Almond Bark Boxes, Sugar Free Gift Boxes, and of course, Edelweiss’ most treasured Unusual Marshmallows, delicately dipped in chocolate.

Gourmet Marshmallows are simply not to be overlooked when considering chocolate gift boxes from Edelweiss. Unusual Chocolate Marshmallows and Chocolate Covered Toffeemallows are a taste sensation in light or dark chocolate. Experience traditional milk chocolate covered vanilla marshmallows, mintmallow, mochamallow, toffeemallow, caramellow, coconut, and a number of different undeniably delicious flavors which are anything but your normal marshmallow. Conclude the order by choosing the size box as well as the kind of milk chocolate. We’re certain your family will discover these to be their new favorite.

Edelweiss is not your typical chocolate company, and their chocolate gift boxes are anything but ordinary. Browse the Edelweiss compilation to look for unique and beautiful hand molded chocolate gifts, including chocolate golf balls, chocolate champaign bottles, chocolate award statues, chocolate aspirin, and an assortment of additional items which are sure to be well-received.

Find out more about Edelweiss' rich heritage of chocolates by clicking on the ‘About’ link and read how Edelweiss got its start from humble beginnings. Give your employees or clients the perfect thank-you gift by shopping in the Corporate section where you can bring a smile to others with a simple click. Fresh dipped fruits and same day delivery are available and are guaranteed to please all those who partake. Make Edelweiss your home for chocolate gift boxes and candy- they’ll thank you for it.

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Chocolate Gift Boxes Chocolate Gift Boxes