Handmade Chocolates

Handmade Chocolates

Why Handmade Chocolates Are Better

Chocolate is good. Most people would agree with that. There is a great difference between handmade chocolates and mass made chocolates. Style, choice, personal preference, and the impression that a box of chocolate or a specially designed piece can make are a few of the reasons for the superiority.

These are the basics that set handmade chocolates apart.


The best ingredients can be selected for handmade chocolates. The process is time consuming and often labor intensive. One has to remember that the people involved in creating the chocolate works of art have a passion for perfection. The best ingredients make the best taste. Taste is the real measure of the craft.

Better ingredients make a smoother richer texture. This is a luxury for the senses. The feel is sensual and is known to be an aphrodisiac.


Anything that is made by hand has a better look than machine made products. Humans put a touch of self and pride into what they make that no artificial intelligence can match.

Look makes the impression on the recipient. The idea is to match the confection to the occasion and the giver’s knowledge of the recipient. The importance of the look of a gift of chocolate is easily understood between men and women but many miss the subtle nuance that chocolate offers in corporate gifting.

The look also includes the packaging of a box. The idea here is that the recipient gets something that is absolutely unique. That feel of being one of a kind is transferred from the gift to the recipient by the giver.

Can do anything

A chocolatier that has an assortment that shows they can do anything by hand is the evidence that new customers need to be convinced with. The display of boxes and individual pieces that makes a client drool in anticipation is the evidence that client’s really look for.

The evidence of the best handmade chocolates


A company that has been making chocolate by hand for 50 to 75 years and continually growing has something good going on for itself. The company should have a history of expanding their product line to serve local tastes. The company must have adapted to technology to provide products to a larger market and increase revenue.

Good Press

Chocolate is a dog eat dog business. A company that has succeeded in garnering great press throughout a long history is exceptional. Mentions in national and international food magazines in print and online are important. Niche publications that give the chocolatier rave reviews prove that the company has credibility and business savvy.


Providing special chocolates to political figures, film stars, and world dominating business is an indication of the quality of a company’s products. The company could not garner this type of clientele without having the best products. Best means taste, look, and impression.

The ability to please this level of potentially fussy client over time is an indication that a company will take the utmost care in providing the same qualities to all customers.


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