Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Edelweiss Sells the Finest Chocolate Gift Baskets:

Edelweiss Chocolates has been making their sweets one piece at a time since 1942- and it’s clear they are doing something right. In fact, customers tend to think they are doing a lot of things right in their chocolate shoppe in Beverly Hills, CA. Edelweiss is where you’ll find some of the most delectable and visually-appealing sweets, including assorted boxes, chocolate gift baskets, gourmet chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, and many more sweet treats.

Clients of Edelweiss have been sending their chocolate gift baskets to customers and employees for more than half a century. If you happen to be looking for an amazing gift that will transcend the boundaries between client and company, you’ll find Edelweiss speaks a language your customers are certain to understand. There is something uniquely special about receiving a box of Edelweiss chocolates; and that something is not soon forgotten. Select ‘Corporate’ from the online menu to browse the corporate gift section or simply select from any of the collections for a thoughtful gift that will be well-received.

Along with their very popular chocolate gift baskets, Edelweiss hand crafts chocolate dipped fresh fruits that are the perfect accompaniment to your office party or local occasion- and Edelweiss offers same day local shipping on these very special delectables. Light and dark chocolate dipped fruits are available in a variety of options, so you can choose your favorites or order a selection that will please your entire group. Order early for Rosh Hashanah to ensure your order is ready on time for your celebration.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Edelweiss Chocolates uses only the world’s finest ingredients in their unique offerings, including fresh sweet cream and golden butter, gourmet nuts and imported fruits. After 75 years, Edelweiss is still making their chocolates by hand- something that is truly impressive, given the type of innovations which have come out in that time.

We invite you to visit the online ‘Collections’ section and select ‘Chocolate Gift Baskets’ from the menu, where you’ll find a beautiful assortment of hand-wrapped baskets and towers. Choose from their Sweets and Treats Chocolate Basket, Snack Stack Chocolates Basket, European Classics Basket, Signature Delights (a customer favorite), Ultimate Chocolates Tower, Taste of Edelweiss, and numerous others. A gift basket is certain to please your client, employee, boss, or that special someone you’re shopping for.

Enjoy reading about the interesting history of Edelweiss Chocolates over the website to learn how they have grown to be the first name in chocolates in Beverly Hills. You’ll discover that some of Hollywood’s biggest names in the industry have long returned to Edelweiss to experience the richness and intrigue of how chocolate is meant to taste. Pick up a box of their world-famous chocolate covered gourmet marshmallows and treat yourself to something divine. Every morsel of chocolate that leaves the Edelweiss shoppe is infused with their inspiring legacy.

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Chocolate Gift Baskets Chocolate Gift Baskets