Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Edelweiss Chocolate Covered Pretzels- a Timeless Treat:

When searching for a gift that shows you’ve chosen to shop where only the finest chocolates can be purchased, make Edelweiss your stand-by for last-minute occasion gifts, corporate thank-you awards, and unique presentations. Edelweiss brings something special to the chocolate industry, with a long and rich history in Beverly Hills. Some of Hollywood’s best and brightest, from actors to producers, have made Edelweiss their home for chocolate gift-giving- and you can too. Spend a little more and experience the difference quality makes in fine chocolates.

Many customers at Edelweiss consider their Chocolate Covered Pretzels to be the perfect sweet treat from the chocolate shoppe; one taste will tell you why. Edelweiss’ masterminds have sought out the ideal pretzel compliment to their rich, decadent chocolate, and have paired them in one-pound boxes that are generous enough in size to share with a few friends. Select from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or mixed- your choice. We can attest that this is not your everyday chocolate covered pretzel, but is something on another level altogether. From the moment you bite into the rich, chocolate coating and sink your teeth into crispy, crunchy, salty pretzels, loaded with flavor, you’ll be hooked.

Chocolate covered pretzels make a great corporate gift and are chosen by many local and global companies to show their employees and clients that they care about them. If you choose to give Edelweiss as a corporate gift, your recipients will quickly understand they are valued by your company. Customize your corporate gifts from Edelweiss by visiting the ‘Corporate’ section of their website and selecting from a wide variety of chocolate gifts, baskets, boxes, and molded chocolates.

Add a box of chocolate covered pretzels to your next Edelweiss order and enjoy them with Fall favorites, like individual foil-wrapped Miniature Milk Chocolate Turkeys, or Thanksgiving Lollies, brightly colored and uniquely special. Indulge in gourmet, premium candy corn that will take you back to childhood with a single bite. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate leaves are individually-wrapped and make a nice addition to any gift box or basket.

Combine a gourmet box of chocolate Oreos with a box of chocolate covered pretzels for the perfect gift for a family. Edelweiss’ gourmet, hand crafted chocolate covered Oreos are an extraordinary way to enjoy the classic taste of Oreo cookies and the one-of-a-kind richness of Edelweiss chocolate. Taste the unmistakable difference quality chocolate makes and give someone special a unique gift that will not soon be forgotten.

Edelweiss Chocolates is proud to offer same day delivery on premium, fresh chocolate covered fruits for your local event or for sharing in the office. Choose from dark or milk covered strawberries, raspberries, bananas, oranges, or grapes. You’ve never tasted anything so delicious! Shop by collections on the Edelweiss website or select ‘Fall’ to see unique Autumn options. Edelweiss guarantees a gift that is well-received.

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels Chocolate Covered Pretzels